Our CTO and co-founder Sauli Kiviranta introduced XRTC at the Internet Engineering Task Force IETF116 congress in Tokyo, Japan. It was an honor to present our work to the DTN (Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking) Working Group co-chared by co-chaired by Ed Birrane of Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Space Exploration Sector, and Rick Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at Ori Industries. The DTN Working Group aims to document the best practices learned from existing deployments and develop mechanisms for data communications in the presence of long delays and/or intermittent connectivity. The IETF at large is a community of engineers and Internet builders who work tirelessly to make the Internet work better for all of us.

XRTC is the next generation of firewall-friendly ultra-low latency video, voice and data streaming, which is the technology behind POINTR video remote collaboration. Beyond this, XRTC will have a profound impact on the future of the Internet. Therefore, IETF is the right venue to meet and to discuss with the industry peers and to plan standardization activities. In addition, Japan is the strategic market for Delta Cygni Labs in a number of business sectors.

Our presentation covered the journey that started in space exploration, moving on to transform the terrestrial industry, and now, a decade later, we’re ready to reach for the stars again. We went through some of the lessons learned from the most demanding industry sectors: energy, maritime, machinery, process, medical, mining, and space exploration. Sectors where resilience is paramount. The use-cases that took us to the most challenging environments across the globe, from deserts and jungles to the seas and land, from underground up to the mountains and to the vastness of space. All this experience has shaped our thinking and development, culminating in the findings presented at the IETF116.

Here is the video of the presentation.

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