Delta Cygni Labs and the Origin of POINTR

Sauli Kiviranta and Dr. Boris Krassi were working together at VTT when they were approached by the European Space Agency with an interesting challenge: enabling astronauts on the ISS and their ground control experts on earth share knowledge in real time to solve any problem on board.

Sauli Kiviranta and Dr. Boris Krassi, were working together at the Finnish research institute VTT in Tampere, Finland when they were approached by the European Space Agency with a challenge: how to enable astronauts working in the International Space Station (ISS) and their ground control to share knowledge in real time to solve problems.

Their solution, a real breakthrough, was Astrovar – a small, carriable laser pointer device the ground control could manage remotely – and a unique telecommunication protocol called XRTC. Astrovar projected shapes and colors so that while talking with each other, ground control could also show what to do and where, and XRTC got the signal securely and reliably through. It allowed finding solutions in collaboration, in real-time. The testing crew of future astronauts and their trainers loved it!

Realizing the potential of their product and the limited size of the space market, the two inventors decided to take their product to conquer the most demanding communication circumstances on earth: industrial critical missions. After distributing a few units to prominent customers, they quickly understood that the Astrovar hardware would not be the scalable solution the market needed.

Krassi and Kiviranta wanted to make problem-solving available to everyone, anywhere, immediately – even in the most challenging conditions and poor networks. Tacit knowledge sharing in everyone’s pocket was their mission. POINTR collaboration software was born. Inspired by the original product Astrovar, based that revolutionary telecommunication technology, was now available for every pocket.

Today Delta Cygni Labs is a fast-growing innovative enterprise working towards the same goal: A world where knowledge is shared without limits, advocating for the irreplaceable value of knowledge sharing and collaboration between humans.

These two space enthusiasts are working passionately with their team to build technology that brings humans in the center. In their vision the technology does not substitute humans but empowers them by allowing humans, despite their location and hardware, to solve problems, together.

Sauli Kiviranta (Co-founder, CTO) & Dr. Boris Krassi (Co-founder, CEO)